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Extreme long range training and consultation

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We are a shooting training company dedicated to improving the abilities of shooters of all ages.
If your goal is excelling at extreme long range shooting or you are a beginner looking to improve your skills we can tailor training to help you reach your targets.
ELR Spec works with operated by multiple world champion Stuart Elliott. We are fully insured by Lloyds of London and are SSAA approved.
Principal trainer is Mark Thompson with over 30 years firearms experience, working and shooting all around the globe.

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  • What to buy? How to avoid costly mistakes and acquire quality, reliability, value for money rifles and equipment, ordering custom rifles and equipment.

  • General rifle scope and equipment setup: how to get the best performance form the equipment you already have.

  • Shooting techniques and positions: bench, prone, field positional, tripod etc.

  • Setup and operation of optics, rifle scopes and spotting scopes and other optics.

  • Introduction to reading wind and weather conditions for ELR shooting and competition and recreational shooting.

  • Setup, operation and truing of ballistic solvers and solutions. We use and recommend Applied Ballistics and Garmin product.

  • Data collection and management. Using chronographs and other equipment and methods as required.

  • Rifle system accuracy tuning.

  • Ammunition load development for extreme long range shooting, target competition and hunting. Appropriate projectile selection and testing.

  • Reloading techniques for precision and efficiency

  • Running in new barrels, cleaning techniques appropriate to ELR, competition and hunting.

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems. Techniques to adapt and overcome difficulties and problems under pressure.

  • Mental preparation and strategy. Training routines and methods.

  • Customized training solutions for your specific needs.

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“If you only have one shot...”

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